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There are two simple facts behind the idea:

  • Every day in Europe, more than 100,000 cars sit idle in airport and station car parks, while at the same time 30,000 other cars are hired out to travellers.
  • The cost of parking and car hire at airports and railway stations is often prohibitive.

Tripndrive enables car sharing for travellers.

Travellers leaving from the airport get a free parking space at their place of departure by agreeing to hire their car out to another traveller. They earn a bit of money, according to the number of kilometres covered, if their car is hired out.

Travellers arriving at the airport can hire a car at very low cost under the best conditions and hire guarantees. It’s an answer to a problem that costs half as much as traditional car hire.

Tripndrive is a simple, economical and smart mobility solution that makes airports and stations more accessible.

With seven airports (Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Biarritz and Brest) and our first railway station at Paris Montparnasse, we are the French leader and our ambition is Pan-European.

Trouble-free and reliable car sharing

Tripndrive offers a trustworthy and well thought-out car sharing solution. It’s the key to functionality and success.

Every car is systematically and comprehensively insured by Allianz. A full vehicle inspection with photographs enables the vehicles to be reliably monitored at every stage.
The identity of travellers is checked as is the ownership of the vehicles and the credit-worthiness of the hirers.

About Tripndrive

Tripndrive was founded in July 2013 by François-Xavier LEDUC (President), Arthur de KEYZER (Director of Operations) and Nicolas COSME (Technical and Web Director) and rapidly joined Le Camping, the best startup accelerator in Europe. Tripndrive carried out its first round of fundraising with ISAI, the fund for internet entrepreneurs and the biggest investor in BlaBlaCar, to accelerate its deployment in France and Europe.
Tripndrive is a winner in the ‘Entreprendre’ network and received the Gold Award for Innovation in Travel 2014.

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Press releases

03.02.2015 - Tripndrive relaunches free 24/7 parking in Paris

27.01.2015 - Tripndrive at Marne-la-vallée Station - Chessy (77)

19.01.2015 – The Tripndrive car sharing service arrives at Grenoble Station

02.12.2014 - Tripndrive comes to Biarritz Airport

02.11.2014 - Tripndrive raises 800K€ from ISAI