Carsharing for travelers at the airport and the train station

Get free parking by renting out your car

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Rent the car of a traveler from 20€ a day

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Carsharing for travelers at the airport - 100% insured

Instead of paying airport parking, Arthur leaves his car with Tripndrive. We rent it out to Myrtille, a fellow traveler who has just landed.

Arthur gets free parking, and will be compensated for each kilometer driven by Myrtille.

Myrtille gets a rental with a discount of up to 60%.

Each car is fully insured.

Tripndrive's mission is to enable a safe carsharing at the airport.


Tripndrive in a few words


Arriving or leaving by car is the simplest solution.

Picking up & depositing at the door of the terminal is the most convenient solution.


Owner and renters, everybody wins.

It is the best alternative to traditional parking and car rental companies.


From full insurance, ID check, secured payement, to customer support, we've got your back.

Tripndrive enables carsharing with confidence.