Car sharing for travellers - airports and railway stations

Free parking when you hire out your car

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Car hire from 20 euros per day

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Tripndrive users reviews

  Hire at Paris Orly, Nov 27, 2015

Je recommande

Pratique, pas chère, voiture propre et en bon état de fonctionnement.

picture Graham  Graham G.     Car park at Bordeaux Mérignac, Nov 26, 2015



Rent your car to another traveller at the airport or station - omprehensively insured

Instead of paying for parking at the airport or station, Arthur leaves his car with Tripndrive, car sharing for travellers. We rent the car to Myrtille, a traveller who's just landed at the airport or arrived by train. Tripndrive therefore makes it possible to rent out yourown car to someone else while you both travel


Arthur enjoys free parking. In addition, he'll be rewarded based on the number of kilometres driven. Myrtille enjoys car hire at a price that's up to 60% lower because it's someone's private car. Tripndrive exists to enable trustworthy car sharing at airports and railway stations.

Every car benefits from systematic, comprehensive insurance. A condition report is automatically prepared so that a reliable image of the vehicle is available at each stage of the process. We confirm the identity of each traveller, confirming the identity of vehicle owners and ensuring that hirers are creditworthy. At each stage, Tripndrive is at your service, providing support and answering your questions.

Tripndrive, car sharing for travellers, is available at Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Nice, Lyon, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Brest, Beauvais Tille, and Nantes Atlantique airports and Paris Montparnasse, Paris Gare de l'Est, Grenoble, Marne la Vallée,TGV Roissy Charles de GaulleLyon Saint ExupéryTGV, Lorraine TGV, and Avignon TGV railway stations.

Tripndrive in a nutshell


Arriving at or leaving the airport or station by car is often the most simple solution.

To be picked up and dropped off in front of the terminal is the most practical solution.

Car sharing at airports and stations enables you to come by car without the hassle.


Whether you're an owner or a hirer, everybody wins with car sharing.

Car sharing is the best alternative to traditional car parks and car hire companies. Parking is free whether your car is hired out or not. Half-price car hire.


Fully comprehensive insurance, verification of identity, secure payment, client services. We pull out all the stops to guarantee you a quality experience.

Tripndrive facilitates reliable and trustworthy car sharing at airports and railway stations.